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Vitamin C Micro Scrub vcms01

Vitamin C Micro Scrub vcms01
Vitamin C Micro Scrub vcms01
Product No.: vcms01
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    Vitamin C Micro Scrub is a revolutionary exfoliating treatment that can be used at home and in the treatment room. This easy to use, two step product incorporates antioxidant Vitamin C, Lactic Acid and Spirulina.

    This is a perfect addition to any skincare regimen (men, women and teens). Those with sun damaged and thickened skin are ideal candidates for this treatment. Also, it is popular as home maintenance in conjuction with Microdermabrasion, and especially for those clients that are unable or unwilling to undergo the traditional and expensive machine Microdermabrasion.

    Vitamin C Micro Scrub is packed with tiny Vitamin C crystals that when gently massaged on the skin, loosen dull, old stratum corneum cells. The Activator, when applied directly onto the Vitamin C Micro Scrub,warms the skin with a foaming action. This action dissolves the Vitamin C crystals, releasing antioxidant protection. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production for radiant, younger looking skin!

    Lactic acid "unglues" dead skin cells, which promotes cell turnover. By enabling healthy cells to surface, skin texture and color is improved, pores are unclogged, and moisturizers & skin treatments are more effectively absorbed.

    The additional benefits of the remarkable micro-algae Spirulina are high concentrations of proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are a real boost to the skin.

    Unlike typical exfoliates, this easily rinses away, leaving no gritty residue - just smoother, healthier and more vibrant skin.

    Kit includes 2 oz. scrub and 4 oz. bottle of activator gel.